Windows Ver.7, 8 and 10 - Installation notes for $MAN and Worldview

Starting the installation

To start the installation process, locate the SETUP program (Setup.exe) on the installation disk, right-click it, and then left-click "Run as Administrator"

Registering program components

On some systems, it may be necessary to manually add some of the program components to the Windows registry. To do this, right-click on "Command Prompt", then left click "Run as Administrator."

In the command prompt window, enter the following commands:

cd \windows\system32
regsvr32 COMCT232.OCX
regsvr32 COMDLG32.OCX
regsvr32 GAUGE32.OCX
regsvr32 GRAPH32.OCX
regsvr32 MCI32.OCX
regsvr32 RICHTX32.OCX
regsvr32 THREED32.OCX

(for $MAN installations)
regsvr32 C:\$MAN\GRID32.OCX

(for Worldview installations)
regsvr32 C:\WV\GRID32.OCX
regsvr32 MSCOMCT2.OCX


If you see any error messages, the file you are trying to register is probably missing.
You will have to copy it from the ..\SUPPORT directory under your $Man Setup directory, and then try the command again.

Updated Sept. 2015
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