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 Let the Net promote your products and
 services where searchers can find them 

 Let the Net help you to reach new markets
 across the country and around the world 

 Let the Net make it easier for your customers
 to do business with you 

 Let the Net save you money on advertising 

 Let the Net cut down on wasteful phone time 

A three line ad in the three Toronto Yellow Pages costs at least $65 per month more than double the price of having your own web site. Would you rather reach one city or the whole world? 

If your marketing plan does not include the Internet, you are missing out on major new opportunities for commerce. By using the Internet to promote your products and services, you can find (and be found by) an unlimited number of new customers. 

There are 13 million domain names already operating on the web, and 10 million more are predicted for the next two years. Why not be one of them? Establish your presence on the Internet now, before the name you want is taken by your competition! For a relatively small investment, we will register your name and set up your email, design your web site, and host and maintain your site on our server. 

For those of you who already have a web presence, we offer custom web design and implementation. We are constantly researching new ways to promote your business and get your information out there. We would be happy to discuss the ways in which we can help your business grow through e-data and e-commerce solutions. 

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