The Worldview Web Database

(the latest innovation from First Byte Software Inc), is a new concept in interactive
website development that opens up amazing possiblities for turning
static websites into customized internet applications.

Worldview Web Database provides web designers with an amazing range of capabilities, while leaving creative page design completely under their control. Web designers can use whatever HTML editing program they prefer. By including simple comment tags and form action keywords, they can easily tap into a vast range of database and ASP webform functions.

Using Worldview Web's powerful capabilities for database record management, on-line interactive queries, dynamic site navigation, list management, data import and export, and many other powerful features, you can easily create websites of many different kinds, for purposes such as:

Product catalogue websites
Real Estate Property listings
Email promotional mailings
Inventory status and enquiry systems
Contact information systems
Telephone and Fax number tables
Sales Lead storage and retrieval
Client response forms
Parts cross-reference tables
Membership systems
Subscription and renewal systems
Online Information access systems

…and many other types of internet programming requirements. Without writing a single line of source code or script instruction, you can quickly and effectively create sophisticated web applications. Design new database tables on-line, build complex multi-field query pages, or create dynamic multi-media webpages without any database management programming!

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